At $100 per month I've been living in a 10'x10' storage unit. With the help of my TV, Stereo and Laptop, I have no problem entertaining myself, so at this point in my life I don't need or want any other living thing to be in close proximity to me impeding my limited living space. Being slightly claustrophobic what I do need when I'm in here is to have the roll up door open some of the way, more so during the day to let in a little extra light and breeze. This need made it possible for this barely weaned kitten think it was going to come in here and shoehorn itself into my existence.

Kitten Image
Not thee Kitten, but the spitting image thereof.

WTF is that brushing up against my leg and meowing!? After a cordial but brief introduction I figured, NOPE, I AM NOT FEEDING YOU, YOU ARE NOT STAYING! Three days later my resolve had only hardened. Having to chase a a hungry cat out of here that's trying to get on your good side and test your resolve a half dozen times a day will do that to a person. Give it up CAT, I'm not feeding you and we are not friends. You aren't kidding anyone, you came from one of them town homes that are just on the other side of that chain link fence, less than a kitten's throw away, take your ass back there before I airmail you.

Yeah I'll admit it, I was talking at the cat. Every time I chased it out of here it would only run as far as my car which was parked 2' beyond the roll-up. It would crawl under it just far enough where we could see each other and I would give it verbal hell and it would lay there with it's head on the ground giving me it's sad looks and taking it like a dog on a chain. Difference is, any self-respecting dog that wasn't chained would have got up and left.

Late night day 3, I needed to go to the grocery store, I pulled the roll-up down to the slab and locked it, jumped in the car and started it. The kitten took off running out from under the car, but in the wrong direction. I thought maybe if I got in front of it I could change its direction but when I got the car even with it, it was so freaked out it was jumping up against the roll-up door of another unit trying to get in. So now I'm thinking it's going to be gone and someone else's problem by the time I get back, so I put it in drive. What the cat must have been thinking is that it had been taking refuge under that car for the past three days getting away from that mean old man and the car had been doing fine by him, or her, I don't know which.

When I went to drive off what I failed to notice is that cat had hid itself under the rear wheel. I won't disturb you with the details of its death and although there were no blood and guts it was a prolonged, painful, tear-jerking process.

If I could only have it to do over, I would surely be picking up cat food at the grocery store.

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