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I had some problems with the New Thread Form and have since straightened them out. I just needed to check out one of its subsystems, the Human Check.  I did so by inserting a wrong answer in the Math Captcha.  It caught the error and returned, "The entered sum is not correct". So what's the problem? When I clicked submit post the page reloaded, when it finished reloading all the text in the filled out fields was gone, empty, disappeared. It showed the error, good thing but wiped out all my work, minimal as it was, not good!

The script is supposed throw the error without a page reload, I will put it on my to do list, in the mean time, just enter the right sum or log in to post and you don't even have to deal with the math captcha.

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Noticed the post creation time is off, need to see if WordPress setting are correct were the time and date are concerned.
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