GLP has bit the dust!


Seems you have to be a logged in member now to even read a post, the place sucked anyways.

It wasn't a 'free speech' forum in the least, say anything one of the admins or mods didn't like and you'd find yourself banned and your post deleted. If you were just trolling with one-liners, maybe not so quickly, but if your arguments were any good, you'd be gone in the blink of an eye.

Any dissent from their 'party line' was not tolerated. I put the party in quotes because whilst they're pretending to be 'conservatives', no respectable Republican would be caught dead associating with any of them. The essence of a 'conspiracy' site is individuality and critical thinking - and the ability to articulate both effectively. Illiterate morons don't come up with good conspiracy theories but they quite naturally gravitate to mobs. The very first posters to be driven off when GLP became a partisan groupie forum were the intellectuals, all the real free-thinkers.

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