Blank you!  Blank you all to blank!!!

Like a thief in the night it came as a total shock, somehow, someway, someone or something (could have been a full blown maniac or maybe a software glitch) blew it up! My Website, the entire Xpendium domain, POOF! The winds of change had dispersed it into nothingness well before I was even aware it was in trouble.

Making matters worse, I had never backed-up my database. No biggie, wasn’t much in the way of blog posts on it nor any of them worth writing home about. Not to mention that when it comes to creating interesting copy, at this point there’s nobody in here but us monkeys.

Be all that as it may, I want to reincarnate Xpendium to it’s former glory? Make that, it’s new found GLORY! So if I was going to issue a statement of what this site is about I guess I would have to start by explaining the name.



  1. a collection of concise but detailed information about a particular subject, especially in a book or other publication.
    collection, compilation, anthology, digest, summary, outline, summarization, roundup, summing-up
    • a collection of things, especially one systematically gathered
      “the program is a compendium of outtakes from our archives”

I thought I’d like to have a forum where anybody including anonymous users could create their own discussion thread on whatever topic held their interest and/or comment on other threads. I’ve seen some sites that employ this tactic and they get thousands of posts per day. No doubt a site that generates that type traffic would build a massive collection of posts over time.

Hence the name Compendium, but it was already taken, I also thought it would be slightly redundant to have to type com twice. So post hence the name got chopped up and changed to Xpendium.com.

Seeking volunteer testers.

We’re back online and the site still needs plenty of work that I’m getting after, nevertheless it works well enough that Joe or Joane Anonymous can create a new discussion thread. So if you can find the time and wouldn’t mind helping out, do start a new thread, about… ANYTHING! Your local weather will work if can’t think of anything else to write about.

Don’t worry, if your post is spam or adult material in nature it will get deleted, otherwise I’ll talk to you then!

Many Thanks

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