I am become Death the Destroyer of Worlds

Matt Mullenweg creator of WordPress and a idol of mine made a post on his blog to list his accomplishments over the past year leading up to his Thirty Sixth.

So I type him up a happy birthday message and hit the submit button and I didn’t even get, “your comment is waiting moderation”. It just pitched it down the memory hole. So, annoyed, I rewrote a much snarkier version and posted it here on my WordPress site where it will be viewed by at least twice as many people…

If you’re reading this, I hope to run into you online or in person and this year let’s do our best together to leave the world a little better than we found it.

-Matt Mullenweg @ 36

Matt, if you only let brown nosers comment on your blog you’re not serious about doing our best to leave the world better than we found it? I found this world long before you, and at this point I don’t know when I’ll leave it. However I do know that maybe with the exception of the removal of lead from gasoline, (That I didn’t have anything to do with.) there’s no way I’ll be leaving world better than I found it.

I’m not complaining or jealous, but if you loaded latecomers stop logging a half billion air miles per year and figure out how to zero out your carbon footprint you might leave the world no worse than you found it. To me it seems the higher up the ladder of success a person is the bigger the burden they place upon the planet.

Maybe I’m misinterpreting your post, and you’re talking more about intangibles. Like how the use of WordPress can improve our lives and therefore our personal view of the world. But if we are going to take a worldview we shouldn’t overlook the physical attributes of WordPress? Due to its market saturation you have to assume WordPress right now, instantaneously, is consuming enough electricity to power Vegas.

When you seriously think about it, WordPress will belch enough CO2 into atmosphere today to make your 500k worth of air mileage look like a walk in the park!

Seriously, have a Happy Birthday! 🙂

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